(1)Check-in time: weekdays: after 15:00; check-out time: 11:00 am

(2)Complimentary western-style breakfast (dining time: 8:00AM~10:00AM)

(3)Credit cards are acceptable. Toiletries are available.

(4)No pets. No smoking.

(5)To provide you with greater space, extra guest (without extra bed) service just available for one extra guest (each room) for NT$1500. 

(6)Because of the Interior design of room, children (Under 12 years old) cannot be accommodated at the hotel.

(7)No parking available.

(8)Weekdays: Sunday to Friday. Holidays: Saturday.

    Definition of long holidays: national holidays, special holidays.

    Summer vacation:07/01-08/31

(9)We would like to remind you that once you press “Agree” to proceed the reservation procedure, it means you completely agree the regulations resolved by the Hotel. Please read the following instructions carefully before making reservation. If you have any questions regarding to the following regulations, please call the Hotel to make confirmation before making reservation.

(10)If you need to cancel the reservation, please apply for cancellation online by yourself. The cancelation service fee shall be paid by the one making reservation.

(11)After completing reservation procedure and making payment with your credit card online, the amount will be immediately deducted from the credit card account you provide.

(12)To protect the safety of the credit card transaction, the one making reservation online shall be the same as the one checking in the room. To ascertain your identity, please show your ID when checking in.

(13)The refund will be given in 14-21 working days (returned to the original credit card. If it just passes the checkout day, the refund will be shown in the bill next month.) Please confirm the date before making reservation.

(14)The price has included tax and service fee.

(15)Please inform the Hotel before 10:00 am on the check-in date for force majeure happening in where the Hotel is located, such as traffic disruption caused by an earthquake, a land typhoon warning for a typhoon day off in Tainan City announced by Central Weather Bureau, the deposit can be preserved for three months or you can cancel the reservation (the deposit will totally refunded.)

(16)For citizen’s travel card holders, after they complete reservation online, the amount will be deducted from the credit card account provided. Please confirm whether the deduction date conforms to the regulations for travel reimbursement stipulated by the government. The Hotel will not take responsibility for failure for reimbursement or other questions afterwards.

(17)The number of rooms and reservation time through online reservation system is limited. The number of rooms, room prices, and the contents will be adjusted according to the accommodation conditions every day. The actual price shall be based on the price announced online. Those making reservation online shall agree to pay for the total amount of the room price. The Hotel reserves the right to change the price of the rooms online.