Numerous Cypress is used in the elevator and rooms, and the ground of guest rooms are terrazzo and wood floor tiles, to be outside the box of using carpet.  We hope to build a space without dust mites and formaldehyde.  The numerous Cypress are painted with uv-lacquer, you can enjoy the Phytoncid in any corner of 3 door hotel.
After housekeeping, we use the ozone machine to reduce the allergen
to provide the best experience of living.

【Lobby Bar- 3BAR】

The modern noble, luxurious lobby bar allows you to relax and taste wine during your stay, settle the night in Tainan, drink and chat about your life, and enjoy a relaxing time. 3BAR service hours: 07:00~01:00.

【3Life - Sky Garden】

The design director created the SkyGarden in Tainan—the rooftop of the sky garden in Tainan, allowing you to see the hidden life of Tainan's rooftops, overlooking Tainan's time history, we provide space for reading , audio-visual,  fitness equipment  and the  whole family to take rest , welcome to open time together 8:00~22:00

[Free self-service snack bar]

Dessert tasting time: 07:00~01:00.