Epidemic prevention is further improved in 3 Door Hotel
Go all out to prevent and all staff to alert that  pretend the health of you and me . 3 Door hotel firmly impel Epidemic prevention measures. Timing clean  the whole area in hotel and disinfect  deeply, besides the staff also need to impel strictly the preventing work. Staff in hotel need to measure body temperature and disinfect for precluding  any danger  in infecting  which cloud offer all of visitor to have the  good and safety environment.

1. Mandatorily wear a mask to protect yourself and others.

2. Disinfecting  hands  form  using  the alcohol provided

3. Implementation of real-name accommodation registration.

4. Cooperate with body temperature measurement.

5. Maintain social distancing.

Epidemic prevention the whole day and Check in peaceful.

1. Disinfecting the hotel: The whole hotel use the standard disinfectant (Sodium hypochlorite) to disinfect.

2. Alcohol disinfection machine placing: The entrance of lobby, the entrance of elevator and Reading room in 8 floor.

AF-900 Ozone machine:

Placing in every important public area and disinfecting every day.

disinfect timing everyday:

Every higher using area such as the counter in lobby,  the public area in 8th floor, bathroom, elevator, and handle.

Taking body template in every entrance:

Every staff of hotel help to take body template.

Epidemic prevention measures in every room.

1.All the fabrics in the guest rooms have undergone complete high-temperature washing procedures, and strengthened disinfection of infant and toddler spare parts.

2.After the standard cleaning process of the guest room, the high-frequency use area is wiped with alcohol and the floor is mopped with diluted bleach water for double disinfection

3.3 Doors hotel, opened from DEC 19th 2015, set up 1 to 1 a independent host air conditioner which are not the Central air conditioning in every room. We are kindly help every customer to think more to prevent any possible problem.
The space for reading in 8th floor
1. Besides timing cleaning and dinfecing, we also do the larger dinfecing every week.
2. People who wanted to be in reading area ennd to wear face mask and avocid to talk face to face.
Please refer to the following for the latest information and announcements of the "new coronavirus COVID-19" 
The website of Taiwan Centers for Disease Control: https://www.cdc.gov.tw/

The official line of Taiwan Centers for Diseasecontrol: https://page.line.me/taiwancdc

The Dedicated line of Taiwan Centers for Disease Control:1922

The officila line of Ministry of Health and Welfare: https://page.line.me/mohw